In thee, I wed

“In thee, I wed.”

We all love shoes, good shoes, don’t we? To choose your perfect pair of wedding shoes, apart from being beautiful to complement your overall bridal elegance, they have to be absolutely comfortable to get you going throughout the day. So make sure you shop around and try them on to find the best fit pair – also to break into them prior to your big day.

I was lucky to have received these beautiful Choos, handmade by the legend himself, as our wedding gift last year. They were made at Choo’s Couture shop in London (which unfortunately is now defunct due to his retirement), and required a number of fittings to make it the perfect pair. I glided around in them with complete ease and absolutely loved how it became part of my wedding dress – both in style and material.

I was reminded to get them autographed before we left and they are now on display at home as a beautiful keepsake of our wedding memorabilia. Thank you, Jimmy for your amazing craftsmanship and Uncle Raymond, for this wonderful gift!

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