About Us

Welcome to Bonham Weddings!

Founded at the end of 2011 and inspired by her own wedding remotely planned in London and celebrated as a three-day event across Hong Kong and Macau as well as a post-wedding reception in Chicago, Georgine firmly believes the importance of having a team of dedicated local vendors to execute the couple’s expectations and shoulder all the stress from the bride (and typically to a lesser extent, the groom). To Georgine, who is committed to perfecting the finest detail, every wedding is a special occasion and there is never a ‘one-size-fits-all’ wedding protocol.

At Bonham Weddings, Georgine and her team are devoted to providing a bespoke and cost-effective one-stop service for the happy couple by collating with various vendors, the family and wedding party, and most importantly, to make your wedding the most enjoyable and memorable day yet.